Guaranteed Results – 30-Day Risk Free Trial

Guaranteed Results – 30-Day Risk Free Trial

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JuvaLips Reviews


JuvaLips Reviews

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How to get BIG LIPS Naturally, without lip injections! – Bentley Blonde

“Here are my lips before. They’re thin and sad!” – Before “It looks like I legit got lip injections” – After Bentley Blonde can’t believe her results after using Juvalips to plump her lips naturally.

As Seen on The Doctors – Plumper Lips in Minutes

The Doctors put JuvaLips to the test to find out! Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and two subjects, Annette and Audrey, tested JuvaLips live on the show. Watch how Dr. Ordon describes how JuvaLips creates negative pressure, similar to “a hickey machine”. Watch the next video below to find out the results of the lip […]

Haley Bringel tries Juvalips 3x for extra plump lips!

You can customize your results with Juvalips. Watch Haley Bringel Maximize her results by using Juvalips 3x in a row! Want a nice natural plump? Do it once. Want to maximize your results? Do it 3x! Juvalips uses a perfectly calibrated vacuum on a timer to ensure great results every time!

Rachael Ray Beauty Gadgets for Spring

“Who isn’t curious about the latest beauty breakthroughs? Unfortunately, they often come with a pretty steep price tag when you try them at the dermatologist’s office. Good news is, Dr. Whitney Bowe is telling us about some less expensive at-home options.” See the dramatic before/after pic of one lucky Rachael Ray audience member here: How […]

Annie Mishler Review – “Holy Plump Lips!”

Ready…Set…Make me Kylie Jenner!” Watch Annie Mishler transform in front of your very eyes! This is one of our favorite reviews.

Haley Bringel Review – “That Definitely Worked!” #Juvalips

“I like it! It’s like the perfect amount of a natural plump.” Haley Bringel. Watch Haley use the device once for the perfect natural plump! Click here to see Haley use it 3 times in a row to maximize the results!

ClassicSplendour – “This is crazy. I have lips!”

Elena from New Zealand gets the perfect plump with Juvalips!

MissLizzyMac Juvalips Review – “Holy Bajesus!”

“It looks so much more full, but like, naturally” That is just one reason why Juvalips is better than lip injections. It gives you a very natural plump instead of the fake look of lip injections.

Home & Family Show, Susan Lucci and JuvaLips

Kym Douglas joined Susan Luuci and special guest former co-star, Jill Larson to introduce the way to get fuller plumper lips using JuvaLips. Kym even tries the device out on herself to prove it works. Click Here to watch >>> How to Look Like a Soap Star with JuvaLips How it works: There’s no product […]

JuvaLips Reviewed By CW6 San Diego

Thank you CW6 San Diego for featuring the JuvaLips Lip Plumper on your “Step Into The New Year In Style” segment! Anchors Linda Martin and Jim Patton were good sports, enhancing their lips on Live TV. To check it out, follow this link to the CW6 segment: How it works: There’s no product on […]

Glam Life Guru Review – My Lips Look So Good!

Glam Life Guru’s channel has 2.6 Million followers and according to Tati – I’M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP and upload unbiased Product Reviews, Tips, Hauls and Tutorial videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products five days per week! Here is Tati’s review and amazing results with JuvaLips!

Everyday Starlet – I’ve Really Been Liking This!

I’m reviewing the @myjuvalips lip plumper and sharing my March Favorites on & YouTube! Fast forward to 5:33 for JuvaLips.

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